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Castle in Disguise (episode 2)

Disclaimer: Jasmine belongs to the Walt Disney Company. Voltron belongs to World Events Productions. The timeline as far as Voltron is concerned, this story takes place after their last battle with Zarkon and Lotor. This doesn't include the Third Dimension series. This crossovers series was written before the Third Dimension series. .I don't plan on using these characters for a profit, merely for fun.

I stood in front of a large and beautiful mansion. Where it came from, I have no idea. I walked across the wooden bridge that led to the mansion, which was surrounded on all sides by a lake. I went into the mansion through festooned double doors. The mansion appeared to be deserted. I decided to explore this somber place. I went down the tortuous hallways and looked in at the library, kitchen, bedrooms, and dining room. I looked outside and saw a maze of gardens, which was dead since it was winter. I ducked back in the mansion, before I got too cold, and was examining some tracery on the walls when I got the feeling of being watched. I turned around.

A candle lit the dark hallways. The light came closer and closer and suddenly I found myself face-to-face with.......Coran, the counselor of the Voltron Force. Since he startled me so much, I gave a short gasp.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to startle you," Coran apologized.

I was still breathing a little hard, but managed to say, "That's okay."

"I am Coran. I counsel a team known as the Voltron Force. And you are..." Coran introduced.

"My name is Princess Jasmine," I replied. I couldn't believe it! The Voltron Force? Here? Unbelievable. Just then, I saw Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Princess Allura run up to us.

"Coran, what was the alarm?" Keith asked.

"There was no alarm. Everyone, meet Princess Jasmine. She has stumbled onto our so-called mansion."

The Voltron Force and I said our hellos, and then an alarm sounded.

"We're under attack!" cried Lance. All of us headed to the Control Room, where Coran activated the view screen. I was still in shock about my latest discovery. First, I make friends with the gargoyles of Manhattan that I've seen on TV, then I meet the Voltron Force from another television show. Coming out of my thoughts, I turned to the view screen. Sure enough, the castle was under attack.

"We better send our lions after those attack ships!" Keith said. Before Coran could activate the launch area, Lotor broke into the Control Room and stole Princess Allura. Lotor's laugh echoed off the walls of the room as he left with Allura.

Right after he left, a quaking vibration rocked the ground. The screen showed a large robeast rising out of the ground. It stood in front of the castle, obviously unnoticed by the people of Manhattan. That made sense, since the castle was so far away from the city.

"Zarkon is attacking because he knows we can't form Voltron, the coward," Hunk exclaimed.

Lance said, "Coran, do you know where Lotor took Allura?'

"Yes. He took her to...Planet Doom," Coran said.

"What do we do? We can't form Voltron. Allura's not here," Pidge said. I had been standing there quietly, watching the action happen, partly due to my shock. I got over it when I heard Pidge say they can't form Voltron. That's when an idea struck me.

"What if I fly the Blue Lion?" I asked. The rest of the Force stared at me. I added, "I saw a show based on Voltron's legend and I know how to operate the lions."

The four members held a quick conference. I started to worry. Did they think it was a bad idea? What choice did they have? The castle is surrounded by a robeast and Voltron is the only one who could destroy the robeast. Finally, Keith turned to me and said, "All right, you take the Blue Lion for now until we get Allura back." I agreed to this and the five of us headed to the launch area.

I felt a surge of excitement as I went through the underwater tube that led to the Blue Lion. Once inside, I knew exactly what to do. I took the key from my uniform(which was a metallic silver) and put it in it's place. Then, I pressed and held a button while pulling back on a lever on my right.

Next thing I knew, the lion was airborne. I joined the other four lions. We flew until we were high in the sky.

"You're handling that lion pretty well, Jasmine. You were not kidding about knowing how to fly the lions," Keith commented through a comm link.

"Thanks Keith," I answered.

"Ready to form Voltron," Keith ordered. "Activate Interlocks...Dynotherms connected...Infracells up...Megathrusters are go."

"Let's go Voltron!" the five of us said, together.

"Form feet and legs. Form arms and body," Keith said, then finished by saying, "And I'll form the head!" Within minutes, Voltron was complete and ready for action. We used lion torches, stingray missiles, and ion missiles to destroy the ships. Then we used a variety of lasers and missiles before delivering the final blow to the robeast with the blazing sword.

With the ships and robeast destroyed, we took off for Planet Doom, which was 250 million light years away, but only took half an hour to get there.

"Well, everybody, we're entering Planet Doom's atmosphere," announced Keith.

This was my first time seeing Planet Doom, so when I got a good look, I couldn't believe it. The animator's ideas matched Planet Doom detail for detail.

As Voltron landed on the ground near Castle Doom, we saw Lotor with Allura next to him. Lotor had his laser sword aimed at Allura.

"Surrender Voltron or Allura will get hurt," Lotor demanded.

"Don't believe him," Allura called.

"What do we do?" Lance asked.

"Four of us will pretend to surrender. Jasmine, fire your stingray missiles as soon as we have Allura and are safely out of range." "Right, Keith," I replied.

I watched as the Voltron Force climbed out of Voltron and walked towards Lotor and Allura. When they got close, Lotor raise his sword above his head. As quick as a wink, Lance drew his sword and began fighting Lotor. While they fought, the other three members rescued Allura. Lance stopped fighting and jumped back three feet. Lotor jumped up behind the Voltron Force and struck down on Allura, just as I fired the missiles behind him. Five feet behind him.

I was stunned. He struck Allura! Apparently, he didn't care about her anymore. Maybe. I watched the Force bring Allura back to Voltron. I was still in the Blue Lion's seat, since Allura was injured. With that, Voltron headed back to Earth and the castle. While on the way back, I was silently scolding myself for allowing Allura to get hurt. I was glad I was alone in the right leg. Suddenly, I heard Keith's voice through the comm.

"You did great, Jasmine. Don't feel bad about Allura getting hurt. Who knew Lotor would actually do this?"

'Besides the fortune tellers,' I thought. 'No one.' But all I said was, "Right."

At the Castle of Lions, the attendants along with Nanny, attended to Allura, while the rest of us watched silently.

"Oh, Allura, I've told you before not to get mixed up with the lions and Voltron. You're a princess," Nanny chided gently.

"You're wrong Nanny. We can't form Voltron without me," insisted Allura.

"But you're too injured to fly the Blue Lion. You need a temporary replacement," countered Nanny.

"What about Jasmine? She knows how to drive all the lions," suggested Lance.

"Sure. If she wants to," Keith said. Everyone looked at me, waiting for my answer.

"Of course, I'll drive the Blue Lion," I answered. Everyone smiled happily. I was an honorary member of a force who helped protect the galaxy with the help of Voltron, Defender of the Universe. It also seemed that the end of my world tour would have to wait until I was absolutely sure, and once everyone insisted, that Allura was well again.

"The End"

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