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Changes (episode 17)

Disclaimer: The characters, with the exception of Rose, are not mine. They belong to Buena Vista and the Walt Disney Company. This story takes place just after "Angels in the Night" from The Goliath Chronicles.


It was April 1997. The clan has been accepted by the people of Manhattan. A new era of peace has begun.

I was relieved. I could rest easy, knowing that I was a bringing a new gargoyle member into a place of peace and understanding. I had reached my sixth month of pregnancy and I was getting anxious. Genie had told me that, due to his magic, the baby wasn't going to take the usual nine months it takes for humans or the ten years it takes for a gargoyle egg to be laid.

Brooklyn came to join me in the courtyard, where I had been sitting, writing a list of names.

“How’s the list going?”

“Rather well. I’ve got ten names.”

“I bet you’re nervous.”

“I am. Very nervous.”

“Let’s look at these names,” Brooklyn suggested.

We did so and afterwards the list was soon narrowed down quite a bit.

“Well, we’ve decided on three names,” Brooklyn said.

“And it’s time to sleep,” I replied, getting up. We walked to our places and turned to stone.

Day passed and the clan had awakened. After a few minutes, the clan took off for patrol. I was left behind, as usual. This has been done for two months. I thought about this:

Brooklyn and I were out for our patrol as we usually did. I had reached my fourth month. We spotted four men about to attack a woman. Brooklyn and I plunged in and attacked the men. We took care of them, but one of them had socked me in the stomach.

Brooklyn carried me back to the castle and attended me. Owen did a check said the baby was all right. I sighed with relief. However, Goliath said I should stay at the castle until after the baby’s born. So, two months later, I’m still at the castle.

I walked through the castle hallways, feeling slightly bored. As I approached Alex’s room, Fox asked me to give her a hand with her son. I helped Fox keep Alex steady while she changed him. After she was done, she put him to bed. No sooner was he asleep, then I started having contractions.

“I think it’s time,” I gasped.

Fox laid me down on the floor, then dashed out of the room. She came back with towels, warm washcloths, a sharp knife, and her husband.

She placed the towels under me, and told me to push, while she was gently pushing on my stomach.

“David, you’re receiving,” Fox called.

Xanatos’s face went blank, “Receiving?”

“The baby!”

“Oh, right,”

The delivery took an hour and a half as I was later told, but it felt like eternity.

“Well, congratulations, Jasmine. It’s a girl ,” Fox announced, when the baby came out.

I took a deep breath, and then let it out. Xanatos cleaned her up, cut the cord, then handed her to me.

She was absolutely beautiful. She had skin that resembled my human skin color, her wings were wrapped around her, a graceful powerful tail was curled around one of her legs, and there was a full head of black hair on her. That surprised me. I guess gargoyles are born with hair. And teeth, I added to myself as my daughter opened her mouth, showing her teeth to me.

Suddenly, the door burst open and there stood…Demona. I grew nervous. What was Demona doing here? Fox and Xanatos stood in front of me.

“Ah, Demona. What can I do for you?” Xanatos began in a calm, cool tone.

“Where’s Jasmine? I heard the clan mention a baby. It must die!” Demona snarled.

“You can’t do that!” I shouted, standing up, clutching the child.

Demona leaped over Fox and Xanatos and stalked over to me. Then, in a flash, an idea struck me.

“You don’t want to kill your own granddaughter, do you?” I asked.

“What?” Demona was confused.

“I’m convinced that you’re my mother,” I said softly.

“Your mother!” Demona exclaimed. Just then, my daughter gurgled.

Demona and I looked down. She was waving her little claws at us and smiling. When I looked up, Demona was looking at me.

“Jasmine, how can I ever repay you for what I’ve done?” Demona asked softly.

“There’s no need. I’ll manage,” I replied.

Demona turned to leave, then turned around again.

“Have you picked a name?”

“No, not yet.”

“I hope to see you again…my daughter.” Then Demona left.

About an hour after Demona left, the clan returned. I heard them rushing to the TV room, where I moved to let Alex sleep.

“Jasmine, Jasmine!” Brooklyn cried as he burst in. He was out of breath.

“Brooklyn it’s all right. I survived,” I smiled, “We have a daughter.”

The clan looked at her, whispering about how beautiful she was, and how they could miss the birth.

“What is the little lass’s name?” Hudson asked.

Brooklyn and I looked at each other. Then he pulled the list out of his belt. He looked at it.

“How about Rose? It’s on the list,” suggested Brooklyn.

“It’s perfect,” I breathed.

I looked at Rose. My beautiful daughter. I had also gained a mother and was able to make peace with her. Yes, peace is what life is all about.

"The End"

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