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Reunion (episode 16b)

Disclaimer: The characters of this story are not mine. They belong to Buena Vista and the Walt Disney Company. This story takes places just after "Hunter's Moon-Part 3"


I burst from my stone sleep and the first thing on my mind was my friends. Well, two sets of friends that I have. The ones here in Manhattan and the ones I left behind in Agrabah. I jumped down from my roost of Castle Wyvern. The clan had returned to the castle after the Hunters destroyed the clock tower. But Castle Wyvern was not my real home. My real home was…elsewhere.

As I wandered to the side of the tower, I looked out at the sky, and thought of Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, Abu, Iago, and Rajah. And especially Father. It has been almost two years since I left. And I missed them so much. I slid down onto the stone floor and let the tears slide down my cheeks.

“Jasmine? You okay?” a voice asked. I looked up and saw Brooklyn looking at me, his eyes concerned.

“I was thinking about Aladdin and the others. I just miss them so much,” I admitted, sadly. I stood up and Brooklyn took me in comforting embrace.

“But you can’t go back to them. You know that,” Brooklyn stated, stroking my hair. I knew I couldn’t because of my form.

“I know. I wish I could though,” I whispered.

“Come on, we need to start our patrol,” Brooklyn said, taking my hand. We jumped onto the edge and glided over the city.

We patrolled a good two and a half hours, stopping muggings, robberies, and murders. Afterwards, we stopped in an alley to discuss and laugh about the looks on crooks’ faces when they saw us.

Suddenly, a hand tapped Brooklyn’s shoulder. A blue hand. Hidden in the shadows, I looked at the owner of the hand. It was Genie! I couldn’t believe it! Genie was here, but were the others with him?

“Hi. You must be Brooklyn,” Genie said to Brooklyn.

“How did you know?” came Brooklyn’s response.

“I’m a genie. I know these things,” Genie answered matter-of-factly. He looked around. “I thought I saw a female gargoyle with you. Where is she?”

Brooklyn looked in my direction. “Come on out. Say hello,” he urged meaningfully.

I took the hint. I stepped out of the darkness. Genie looked closely at me, then his jaw dropped open.

“J-Jasmine?” Genie gasped.

“Hi, Genie. I missed you,” I whispered, trying not to cry.

Genie took my up in a hug. Then, held me at arm’s length.

“What happened to you?” Genie questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I answered, “I’m a gargoyle.”

“Well, I better undo it before Al sees you,” Genie resolved, raising his hands in a ready stance to cast magic.

“No, Genie, wait…,” I cried out, as Genie shot magic at me. I felt the energy surging through me, then I was thrown back against the brick wall and blacked out.

As I came to, I heard Brooklyn call, “Jasmine. Jasmine, are you all right?”

I groaned, easing my headache. Looking down, I saw my hand unharmed, claws and all.

“I think so,” I answered, standing up. I checked my legs, tail, and wings. Brooklyn checked the rest of me for damage.

“Eyes are still black,” Brooklyn reported, sighing, “You’re okay!” He held me tight.

Genie scratched his head in confusion.

“How come the spell didn’t work?” he asked.

“I tried to warn you. I had a permanent spell cast on me,” I explained.

“What am I going to tell Al?” Genie was sounding frantic.

“Don’t tell him anything, let me explain it,” I told him, solving his problem.

“Genie? Where are you?” I heard Aladdin’s voice. Brooklyn and I quickly hid ourselves.

“Over here, Al,” Genie called back. I could tell that Genie looked nervous. I could understand why. I was pretty nervous myself. What was Aladdin going to say when he sees that I'm not human anymore?

“I looked on my half of the block. I didn’t find her. You found her, right?” Aladdin asked Genie hopefully as he entered the alley.

I stared at Aladdin. He was still as handsome as ever. His unruly black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes are the first things you would notice about him. I wanted to go to him, but I couldn’t. Not yet at least. I didn't want to scare him.

“So, did you find her? Where is she?” Aladdin persisted.

“I’m right here, Aladdin,” I called from the shadows.

“Genie, you found her!” Aladdin exclaimed, “Iago, Abu, Carpet. Genie found her!”

Aladdin raced toward where he heard me. Genie called, “Al, wait.” But it was too late. Aladdin saw Brooklyn and me.

“Jasmine? H-how did this happen?” Aladdin asked, gaping at me.

“It was Demona who did this. She cast a permanent spell,” I answered back, stepping toward him.

Aladdin and I stood there for a moment, then we ran forward and embraced each other. After two years, we were together again.

“I missed you so much,” I sobbed.

“Uh…Jasmine?” Aladdin interrupted.

I opened my eyes. Aladdin was dangling above the ground with me still holding him! Plus, my claws were almost in his back. I released him. “Sorry,” I apologized.

Just then, Iago cut in, “So, Al, now you’ve got a monster for a girlfriend.”

That comment was like a slap. I turned to Iago, my eyes glowing white, and growled at him. Iago immediately backed away toward Carpet.

“Never mind. I never meant that exactly,” Iago cowered.

“What did you mean?” I growled, still angry for what Iago said.

Before Iago could answer (and probably get himself in more trouble), Aladdin put a hand on my shoulder. My temper subsided, my eyes returned to normal, and I turned to Aladdin. His eyes were filled with sadness, fear, and most of all, confusion.

“Jasmine, can we go back to the castle?” Brooklyn asked, interrupting the moment.

“Hm?” I said, turning toward him, “Oh… yes, yes we can,” I answered understanding what he asked.

“We’re coming with you,” Aladdin added in a no-nonsense tone.

“Of course you are,” I replied, climbing up the brick wall.

I glided into the air, and a moment later, Aladdin, Iago, and Abu were on Carpet with Genie beside them.

As we neared the castle, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t glide straight. Brooklyn glided up next to me.

“Jasmine, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“I can’t seem to glide straight,” I answered before I blacked out and fell.

The next thing I know, I felt claws holding mine. I opened my eyes and saw Brooklyn on one side and Aladdin on the other side. We were safe at the castle.

“What happened?” I asked, thought it was quite obvious.

“After you blacked out, Aladdin saved you,” Brooklyn explained. I smiled at Aladdin as I stood up. I had decided to tell the rest of the clan about my friends. Before I could go look for them, Genie got in my way.

“Jas, let me try one more time,” he pleaded.

“But, what about the mixing magic rule?” I questioned.

“Forget about it,” Genie said, firing his magic at me.

The instant the magic hit me, I was human again. For about five seconds. Then I popped back into a gargoyle.

“Nuts. I was sure I had it this time,” Genie exclaimed.

“You tried Genie. Now, I’m going to tell Goliath that you guys are here,” I said.

As I glided toward the courtyard, I heard Genie say fearfully, “Goliath?”

I found the clan watching TV or doing other activities.

“Everyone, I saw my friends again!” I announced happily.

Lex looked up from his computer, Goliath stopped reading, and the others looked at me.

“Jasmine, we know you miss them…,” Goliath started.

“It’s not a joke. They’re here. Right now,” I insisted.

“Let’s go. I’m an Aladdin fan,” Lex exclaimed, leaving his computer and heading outside. The rest of us followed him.

When we reached the tower, we saw Lex already talking with Aladdin. And Aladdin was talking to Lex.

Lex turned to me. “You didn’t tell me that Aladdin was a fan of me.”

I didn’t know,” I said, smiling at this scene. I introduced Genie to Angela, Elisa, Broadway, Bronx, Hudson, and finally Goliath.

Soon everyone was talking with everyone. Genie was talking to Broadway, Aladdin with Hudson, Iago with Angela, occasionally translating Abu for Elisa, and Carpet was with Bronx.

While I watched, I felt dizzy. I put a hand on the wall to steady myself. Brooklyn saw this though.

“Jasmine, you okay?” he asked, concerned. All conversation stopped dead.

“I don’t think so,” I admitted. Genie immediately went over to me and started scanning me. He looked at the device a moment or two.

“What is it? What’s wrong with her?” Brooklyn asked.

Genie frowned and I started to worry.

“I see something…weird,” Genie began, showing the scan. To me, it looked like the beginnings of a…

“A baby!” I exclaimed in surprise. Genie nodded and examined the scan.

“It looks like it will be born alive,” he continued.

“WHAT!?” I shouted. That was impossible! Gargoyles hatched from eggs. I knew that.

“It’s true,” Genie confirmed. He looked around. “Who would be willing to help Jasmine through this?” Genie asked the trio.

Brooklyn stepped forward. “I spent most of my time with Jasmine. I’ll do it.”

“But we didn’t get very involved,” I said.

Genie looked embarrassed. “I’m afraid that I’m responsible for this.”

“How?” I questioned, wanting desperately to know.

“My magic,” Genie whispered softly, eyes on the ground.

“I’m so sorry,” Genie apologized.

"It's all right. What's done is done," I comforted him.

“The sun’s about to rise,” Lexington interrupted, pointing eastward.

We went to our roosts and before the sun rose, Brooklyn said, “I guess I’m going to be a father.”

I smiled at him and remained that way all through dawn.

"The End"

Next time on "Gargoyles", Jasmine gives birth to her unexpected child and makes peace with Demona. Watch for the story "Changes."

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