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"Somewhere" (songfic; episode 16a)

Disclaimer:This song is not mine. It is from the movie "An American Tail" which is by Don Bluth. The characters are, likewise, not mine and belong to Buena Vista or the Walt Disney Company. This takes place after "Hunter's Moon Part 3" and "The Journey" from The Goliath Chronicles.


The air was unseasonably warm, but common for the region. Wind blew the sand across the land causing dunes to grow bigger or smaller. In the city of Agrabah, all was quiet, for it was nighttime. It would be dawn in a couple of hours, though. A young man of nineteen was sitting in his hovel, staring into the night. His friends, an odd little group, were fast asleep. He couldn't sleep however. All he could think about was his friend and princess who had left the city two years ago and had not returned yet. She promised to be back soon. Maybe the world was bigger than either of them had thought.

Aladdin shook his head. No, that wasn't it. Something else was keeping Jasmine from returning to his arms. Taking a deep breath, he looked up at the stars and began to sing softly:

"Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight, Someone's thinking of me And loving me tonight."

Far away, across the Atlantic Ocean, nighttime wouldn't be over for quite awhile. One building, with over a hundred stories, had a medieval castle perched on top of it. The Manhattan Clan was lying low after their recent revelation of their existence to the population of Manhattan. All of them were inside, except for Jasmine.

The air here was cool with fall, but she paid no attention. She missed her friends and family back home. Especially Aladdin. Raising her head to face the sky, she began singing, too.

"Somewhere out there Someone's singing a prayer That we'll find one another In that big somewhere out there."

With a couple of tears running down her cheeks, she continued:

"And even though I know How very far apart we are It helps to think we might Be wishing on the same bright star."

In Agrabah, Aladdin sang the next part as if Jasmine were with him and that he was wherever she was.

"And when the night wind Starts to sing a lonesome lullaby. It helps to think we're Sleeping underneath the same big sky."

Split scene with Jasmine on the left and Aladdin on the right, they sing together:

"Somewhere out there If love can see us through, Then we'll be together Somewhere out there Out where dreams come true."

In Manhattan, Jasmine sighs and wipes away the tears. She turns to see Brooklyn behind her. Taking one clawed hand, she walks with him into the castle to join the rest of the clan.

Back in Agrabah, dawn arrives. Carpet, Abu, Iago, and Genie begin to stir. And Aladdin had made a decision. Turning to a now fully awake Genie, he said, "Genie turn on the radar. We're going to find Jasmine."

"The End"
To Be Continued in "Reunion". Aladdin and co discovers what has happened to Jasmine and an unexpected surprise for the clan occurs.

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