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Security (episode 13)

Disclaimer: "Gargoyles" belongs to Buena Vista. Jasmine belongs to the Walt Disney Television company. This takes place before "The Reckoning"


One week. Was it really only a week? Goliath went to Gen-U-Tech to investigate a week ago. And he hasn’t come back since. I was starting to worry.

Angela and I were standing outside the clock tower, searching in opposite directions for our leader. All the others left for patrol, but we were standing guard and watching the sky. Just then, Hudson and Bronx showed up, followed by the trio.

Any sign?” Broadway asked, looking up as well.

“No. That’s what worries me,” I answered, my voice slightly shaking.

“Well, dawn is coming. We can resume the search tonight,” Hudson said, hopefully.

I shook my head and went inside. As I went for my amulet, I heard footsteps, then felt someone behind me.

“Is something wrong, lass?” Hudson questioned.

“I can’t sleep while Goliath’s missing,” I whispered, putting the amulet on.

“Perhaps you can search while the rest of us sleep,” Hudson suggested.

“She’s not searching alone. I’m going with her,” a voice spoke up.

Both of us turned around to see Brooklyn behind us.

“Very well lad, you may help, too.”

Brooklyn and I watched the clan turn to stone.

“I haven’t done this in awhile,” Brooklyn commented.

“Come on, let’s get started,” I put in.

“How hard can it be to find a stone statue and stay with him through the day?” Brooklyn remarked.

We took to the air and started our search at Gen-U- Tech and all alleys nearby.

There were two nearby alleys left before continuing somewhere, so I went down one and Brooklyn went down the other.

I took about three steps down the alley alone, then a voice called, “Jasmine, is that you?” It was Goliath! And he was awake! He normally doesn’t do this.

“Yes, it’s me. Goliath, the whole clan’s worried about you,” I cried, glad that he was okay.

“Come on. Let’s get Brooklyn, so we can go home,” I called.

“No, Jasmine. I can’t,” Goliath replied nervously.

“Of course you can,” I argued, “Give me one reason why you can’t.”

“I can’t glide,” came the answer.

“I better take a look at you wings,” I resolved, heading toward Goliath.

As Goliath and I came into the light, I saw it was more than just hurt wings. It was lack of wings. Goliath was human!

I gasped and took a step back. I imagined Goliath injured or in danger, but not human. Millions of questions ran through my mind: Who did this?, Is this permanent?, and Is there a way to reverse this change?

“Goliath, who did this?” I finally asked.

Goliath told me that while he looked through Gen-U-Tech the week before, Servarius discovered him. Goliath got away, but a dart landed on him before he left. By the time he reached this alley, dawn was coming. He struck a pose, then the dart’s effects kicked in. Once dawn passed, Goliath was as I saw him now.

I inwardly sighed with relief. The dart’s effects can be reversed. First, I needed to get Brooklyn in order to get a cure.

I poked my head into the alley Brooklyn was searching. I called his name twice. I looked around. He wasn’t there! He was gone!

I turned back to Goliath and told him that Brooklyn wasn’t there. Goliath told me to climb up to the top and look. I was halfway up when I looked down and saw armed mercenaries capture Goliath.

I swooped down and let out the first battle cry in the last two years. I slammed into two of the people and fought the others off. I then turned to help Goliath.

I felt a sting in my arm. I turned to see a mercenary with tranquilizer gun. I fell down, then I slipped into darkness.

I woke up in a glass compartment with Goliath. Immediately I checked myself. Blue-lavender skin. Good. Nothing happened. I hope.

I made my way to Goliath and gently woke him up. Then I looked around and saw that no one was in there with us. I glanced outside and saw Servarius with Brooklyn tied to a chair, unconscious.

I roared and started pounding on the glass with all my strength. I scratched at it and finally burst free.

I knocked Servarius to the floor and freed Brooklyn, who slumped to the floor.

I faced Servarius, who was grinning evilly. After a few seconds, he frowned.

“Why aren’t you turning to a human?” Servarius was confused.

“You can’t. I’m not subject to your formulas,” I spat angrily.

“Now you change everyone who’s supposed to be a gargoyle back.”

“All right. I’ll do it,” Servarius surrendered, smartly avoiding my anger.

Goliath became a gargoyle again and he stopped Brooklyn’s formula was from affecting him completely.

The three of us headed home. It was after sunset and we had quite a tale to tell the others.

The End

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