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Appearances (episode 12)

Disclaimer: The characters of this story don't belong to me. This story takes place after "The Gathering-Part 2" and before "Turf"


Sunset. I woke up with seven other gargoyles. Goliath, Bronx, and Elisa returned after six months of helping other places out of trouble. When they got home, they also brought another female gargoyle, Angela, with them. She was Goliath’s biological daughter.

I remembered how I felt the first time when the trio’s attention went to Angela and off me, which, I reasoned, made sense. I was only a human changed into a gargoyle, while Angela was born a gargoyle. I decided not to let my jealousy get to me.

I was brought back to the present when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Are ye all right, lass?” Hudson asked, concerned.

“I’m fine. I was thinking about…memories,” I replied.

I followed Hudson and Bronx into our home. I watched them as they watched TV and Broadway prepared breakfast.

“Hi everyone,” called Elisa, coming up the stairs, followed by Matt.

“Hi Elisa. Hi Matt,” Angela said.

“Who’s this?” Matt asked, looking at Angela.

“Matt, this is Angela,” Elisa introduced.

“Pleased to meet you,” Matt replied.

“We came up to tell you guys that Matt and I are going to be investigating Gen-U-Tech tonight,” Elisa informed us.

Then, the two of them headed out of the police station. By then, it was time for the nightly patrol.

“Angela, you want to go on patrol with me?” Brooklyn asked. I was surprised. Didn’t Brooklyn love me anymore? I calmed down quickly. After all, Angela was still a newcomer.

“Angie’s going on patrol with me,” Broadway argued.

“No she’s not. She’s going with me,” added Lexington.

They went on like this for ten more minutes, then Goliath stepped in.

“Angela’s going with Jasmine. You three are going together,” he concluded.

As Angela and I glided away from the tower, Angela looked mad.

“Is something wrong?” I asked gently, in case she was mad at me.

She sighed. “I’m tired of the boys fighting over me all the time. Did they fight over you?” Angela asked.

“No, they didn’t. Broadway and Lexington didn’t pay me much mind. Brooklyn did though. He still does, I suppose,” I answered thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, last year, Brooklyn confessed that he loved me. I said that I loved him, also,” was my response.

Our conversation was cut off when we foiled a park and two alley muggings.

Afterwards, we returned home and saw Elisa and Matt talking to Goliath and Hudson about their Gen-U-Tech investigation.

The trio returned awhile after. Angela and I told how we stopped the muggings and they hold us the crimes they foiled.

While Lexington was telling us a hostage crime that they stopped(and we laughed also), we heard a groan come from across the room.

We turned and saw Matt, rubbing his shoulders. He groaned again.

“Matt, is something wrong?” asked Elisa, going over to her partner.

Matt shook his head, “I don’t know.”

As soon as those words left his lips, wings sprouted from his back. A long tail grew from the base of his pants. A pair of horns grew out of his head. Matt grabbed his head and cried out in pain. Then it was all over.

“Matt? Are you all right?” Elisa said, placing a hand on her partner’s arm.

Matt exhaled. “No, I’m not all right!”

“Servarius must be responsible for this,” Elisa guessed, turning to Goliath. Goliath nodded, growling.

I had been with Angela and the trio, in shock. I managed to recover and I walked over to Matt, even though I had nothing to say.

It didn’t matter, because Matt spoke first. “Maybe you and I could go outside,” he said, looking out to the railing. I agreed and helped Matt walk outside.

“Matt, I can understand what you’re going through,” I told him as he just stared at the city.

“If there’s no cure-,” Matt started.

“Don’t say that! There is one,” I scolded, though I wasn’t really sure there was a cure.

“How did you become of a gargoyle?” Matt questioned.

“Demona cast a permanent spell on me,” I responded, my eyes glowing angrily.

Matt nodded. “And you regret it?”

“No, not at all,” I was shocked, “I love being a gargoyle.” It was true, I do love my form as it is.

Matt nodded again. I sensed that something wasn’t right with him. He was acting strange.

“Matt, something’s wrong. What is it?” I asked.

“This form is driving me crazy,” Matt exclaimed, sounding somewhat hysterical.

“Matt, calm down. We’re going to help you,” I said.

Matt shook his head, his claws almost digging into his arms. He was going to hurt himself if he wasn’t careful. Matt’s claws dug further into his arms.

“Matt, stop it!” I cried, grabbing his wrists and pulling them away from his arms.

Matt pulled out of my grasp and jumped onto the rail. I certainly hoped he wouldn’t leap off the side. He didn’t know how to glide.

“I wouldn’t jump. You don’t know how to glide,” I advised.

“Then you can teach me,” Matt answered, sounding a lot calmer now.

I took Matt’s arm in mine and leaped off the tower and glided upward with Matt holding my arm. His wings weren’t open.

“Open your wings,” I told him. He did so. After awhile, Matt was gliding on his own. Then we returned to the tower.

Brooklyn was waiting for us outside. He didn’t look very pleased.

“Where were you two?” Brooklyn asked. I sensed that Brooklyn jealous.

“I was just teaching Matt to glide,” I said, walking over to him and putting my hand on his arm and my head on his shoulder. I was proving that there was nothing between Matt and me.

“Oh…well, if that was all,” Brooklyn calmly said. He took my hand in his and walked inside with me, Matt followed behind.

A day passed. The clan was ready to take on Servarius. We glided to Gen-U-Tech and entered through the roof.

Servarius was alone. Good. Goliath tore the door off its hinges, went to Servarius, and grabbed him by the shirt. Matt walked up beside Goliath.

“All right, Servarius. Why did you do this to me?” Matt demanded.

“Do what? I haven’t touched a dart gun in a week,” Servarius protested. He was apparently telling the truth. Goliath dropped Servarius and we returned home.

“Well, if Servarius didn’t do it, who did?” Broadway asked. We thought hard, but couldn’t come up with anything.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light. The clan turned around. It was Queen Tatiana.

“I was the one who did this,” Tatiana said before anyone could ask.

“But why?” Elisa wanted to know.

“Matt, I sensed, was not enjoying life, so I did him a favor,” explained Tatiana, “But he can become human again if he chooses.”

We all looked at Matt. He was in deep thought.

“I don’t know. Both choices sound nice. I’m not sure how I’m going to choose,” he said at last.

“Then I shall give you the power to change between the two, whenever you wish,” Tatiana offered. And so it was done. Tatiana disappeared the same way she appeared.

Once the light passed, Matt was human again. Elisa and Matt left together so they could go on a late night shift.

“Jasmine, can we talk?” Brooklyn asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

“I really do think that you are Goliath’s daughter and Angela’s sister,” Brooklyn insisted.

“Brooklyn, we’ve discussed this already. It’s just a coincidence,” I insisted back.

“No, Brooklyn’s right,” Goliath interrupted, coming up behind us. He placed both hands on my shoulders. “The resemblance is too close to be just a coincidence.”

“Come. The sun is rising. And we all could use some rest,” Goliath said, changing the subject. We went outside and turned to stone.

"The End"

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