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A Lesson in Gliding (episode 11)

Disclaimer: The characters of Voltron, Aladdin, and Gargoyles are not mine. They belong to World Events Productions, Walt Disney, and Buena Vista. This story takes places after "A Sense of Duty"


"Come on Nanny," Allura said.

"It's very unprincess-like to be flying through the sky," Nanny replied.

"Gliding," the princess corrected.

"Whatever." Nanny shrugged.

I watched the whole scene from the window sill on the second floor. I looked over at the next window and saw Lance perched on the sill, trying to help Pidge and Hunk, who were trying to convince Coran to try to glide. I could see why the Voltron Force wanted me to come to the Castle of Lions tonight. They had called Matt and he went to the clocktower to tell me. I told Brooklyn I would be back before sunrise. I turned my attention back to the princess and her governess.

"It's safe," Allura told her. "It's safe. And easy," Keith spoke up. He was standing next to Nanny. "If you don't believe me, we'll show you."

He held his hand out for Allura to take it and she did. Keith climbed onto the sill with her. They both dove off the window and snapped their wings open, after a few seconds of freefall. Their ascent was perfect.

"See, it's easy." Keith was 'floating' in mid-air.

"Come out and join us." Allura was right beside Keith.

"No," Nanny stated.

"They told you it's safe," I spoke up.

"Jasmine's right, Nanny," Allura agreed.

"I'm doing it." The governess crossed her arms with a truly stubborn look on her face.

"O-kay. That's it," I frowned. I had enough of Nanny's stubbornness. I'm surprised the force had not gone to live somewhere else away from Nanny and Coran. We've tried to get them to glide. But, I still had a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

Nanny looked relieved, probably thinking that we were going to stop bugging her about gliding. Instead, I jumped on Allura's sill, grabbed Nanny's hand, and dove off the sill. Nanny screamed as I opened my wings and caught a strong updraft.

"What do you think you're doing?" Nanny screamed in my ear.

"Showing you how easy it is to glide," I told her. "Now open your wings."

She did so and she was immediately soaring upward by the strong updrafts which I hadn't expected to have this night. Nanny screamed again when she saw that I wasn't helping her. I spread my wings wider to reach her altitude.

"You're doing fine," I coached. "Use your wings to feel the currents."

"Feel the currents?" Nanny looked at my questioningly. "How do you feel the currents, I'd like to know?"

"It's easy. What you have to do is maneuver your wings to catch the currents in the direction its going."

An updraft was coming from the west. I banked my wings to the left and I glided left and up from my previous position. I even did a neat three hundred and sixty degree circle as I faced Nanny's direction. She followed my example, minus the circle. When she caught up to me, she was smiling.

"That was actually fun," she commented.

I left Nanny with Allura and Keith and went over to Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Coran. I landed on the sill next to Lance.

"How's it going, Lance?" I asked.

"Not good. Coran won't move from his spot."

"Hmm. Hunk, pick up Coran and throw him out the window." I was very calm as I said this. I knew this trick had to work.

"Why?" Hunk questioned.

"Oh, no reason. Only because Hudson told me that's how stubborn gargoyles learned to glide. And in a hurry, I might add."

Coran's eyes widened when he saw Hunk's eyes light up with delight. Hunk grabbed him and carried him toward the window.

"No, you can't do this. You'll be sorry," Coran threatened.

"Actually, you'll thank us for this," I corrected.

"Jasmine, you can't tell them to do this. I forbid it."

"You forget. I don't live anymore. So, I'm not under your jurisdiction."

Hunk tossed Coran out the window. I heard him yell followed by wings snapping open and the 'whoosh' of wings gliding upwards. A few seconds later, Coran appeared in front of the window, 'floating' in the air.

"Well, what do you know? It worked," Lance smirked.

Coran shot us a murderous look. "I had no choice. Either I learned or I die."

"Which is why those gargoyles learned so quickly," I replied.

Coran huffed, but said nothing. I smiled at Lance, Pidge, and Hunk.

"Come on. How about we go gliding?" Pidge spread his arms and legs out as he launched himself off the sill and into the clear night sky. The rest of us followed him.

"I see you managed teux get Coran and Nanny teux glide," an accented voice spoke up. Turning in the wind, I saw Sven and Romelle behind me.

I nodded. "We had to take drastic measures, but we did it."

"It's good t'at you did. If ve let t'em, t'ey would nver bot'er teux learn teux glide." Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and Allura saying, "Tag. You're it." I grinned as I turned around and glided after her. Before I knew it, everyone was involved in a game of Tag that was made for gliding. Two hours later, I bid goodbye to my friends and made my way back to the clocktower.

"The End"

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