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A Sense of Duty (episode 10)

Disclaimer: The characters of this story are not mine. They belong to Buena Vista, Walt Disney corporation, or World Events Productions, depending on the characters. The story happened during "Kingdom" and some parts at the beginning are the property of the person who wrote "Kingdom".


Below me was midtown Manhattan. Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx were still missing, but now we were searching instead of just hanging around the clocktower, hoping our friends would come back to the tower. Maybe Elisa wasn't missing anymore. Seeing no sign of our friends, I headed home.

As the tower came into view, I saw Hudson standing on the balcony, waiting for the trio and me to come back. Hudson looked hopeful when I landed. I shook my head and Hudson lost his hopeful look. Both of us looked up and saw Brooklyn and Lexington in the distance.

"Any word, lads?" Hudson asked, as the two of them landed.

"Not a sign," replied Lexington.

Brooklyn added, "I've been up the East Side and down the West. No sign of Bronx or Goliath."

"Guys," a new voice said. We turned around and saw Broadway. "I was just at Elisa's. Her mail's been piling up and it looks like poor Cagney hasn't eaten for days." In Broadway's arms, was Elisa's gray cat. Cagney meowed. So Elisa was still missing.

"Do you think Elisa is with Goliath and Bronx?" Lexington questioned as Hudson took Cagney from Broadway.

"Good question," Hudson replied, petting Cagney, who began to purr. "Here's another: What do we do now?" The four of us looked at Brooklyn.

"Why are you all looking at me?"

"Because Goliath chose you to lead the clan should something happen," Hudson answered. "And I'd say disappearing without a trace qualifies as something."

"Hey, he'll come back. He has to," Brooklyn argued.

"Yeah," Broadway said softly. Cagney cried. "But what if he doesn't?"

"Yes," I piped in.

"Come on, you guys," Brooklyn put in. "They're probably on a secret mission or...,"

"Yeah...right," interrupted Lexington. "Well, I'll check at Elisa's parents' place. I might learn something."

"Uh, yeah. I'll talk to Matt. Maybe he's got some information," added Broadway.

"And I'll talk to the Voltron Force and see if they know anything," I said.

"Then I suppose I'll venture down to the mutants' home in the...Labyrinth," Hudson volunteered. "The lass's brother, Derek, may know where she's gone off to. While I'm there, I'll say hello to your friend, Maggie, for you lad." That last statement was directed toward Brooklyn. I saw his face light up at the mention of the female mutant's name.

"Maggie?" Brooklyn questioned. He turned to Hudson. "Maybe I should go there myself."

"If you insist," Hudson agreed. We watched our second leap off the rail and toward the Labyrinth. "I'll wait here," the elderly gargoyle added. Lexington, Broadway, and I took off. We stayed together for awhile, then split off in three different directions.

I glided for about half an hour. The scenery below changed rapidly. First came bright lights of street lamps and Madison Square Garden, then soft lights of apartments and finally the dark, quiet, southeast area of Manhattan. In the faraway distance, was a solitary mansion, the home of the Voltron Force.

I glided through a window and looked around. I was on the second floor in a deserted hallway. I started looking for my friends.

"Keith? Allura?" I called. "Lance?"


I turned around and behind me was the Voltron Force. Allura was the one who called me. Allura and I raced toward each other and embraced. I made sure I didn't dig my claws into her back or lift her off the ground. After we let go, the other four crowded around me, saying that it was good to see me and what the occasion of visit was.

"I'm visiting to ask if you've seen Elisa, Goliath, or Bronx."

"No, we haven't," answered Keith. "Why?"

"It seems that they're missing."

"We're sorry that they're missing. But while you're here, how about staying awhile?" Allura offered.

"Sure." I haven't been with the Voltron Force since I quit the force.

"Plus, we've got some company you should meet," Lance added.

"Great. I can't wait to meet them."

The six of us trooped down to the Control Room where Coran and Nanny were along with two other people. Allura gently pushed me into the shadow. I didn't ask why. I knew the reason why perfectly.

"Sven, Romelle. Our friend, Jasmine, is here," Allura announced.

"She is? Show her in," Romelle requested.

"Romelle, there's something about Jasmine you need to know," Allura said.

"Yeah, she...well she's-a-gargoyle," Lance, the blunt one, said in a rush.

"Did you say s'e's a gargoyle?" Sven asked. "Is t'at all?"

I was shocked. How did Sven know about gargoyles already? I stepped slowly into the light, my wings folded.

"How do you know about gargoyles?" I said softly.

"I met some in Norvay," Sven answered.

"There are gargoyles in Norway?" I gasped. I had been in Norway and never saw any gargoyles.

"Yes, of course." Sven got up from his seat and walked around me in a circle. I followed him, keeping his face in my view.

"Vut," he continued. "t'e gargoyles vack 'ome didn't look like t'is." He stopped walking and looke at me. "V'at is your clan's origin?"

"Well, I was born in Arabia, but I guess I'm a Scottish gargoyle, like my clan."

Sven nodded. "I t'oug't as muc'." I looked at Romelle and saw her breathing heavily, though she tried not to make it obvious. "Are you all right, Romelle?" I asked, walking up to her.

"Yes, yes. I'm fine," she said quickly.

I doubted Romelle was fine and was about to say so, when the entire room seemed to explode with screams. Around me, everyone was clutching his or her head or rubbing their shoulders.

"What's wrong with all of you?" I asked, alarmed. I got no answer, only more screams. I looked at Pidge and saw thin leather webbing appear from his wrists and thighs. I realized that they were gargoyle wings, like Lex's. But how...?

Then, it hit me. My mind flashed back to the point before I entered the mansion. I remembered seeing the shape of a female gargoyle. I knew it had to be Demona. That's who was doing this! I rushed to the Control Room's window, flared my wings, and screamed, "Demona! I'm going to get you for this!"

"Jasmine." I turned around and saw all nine of my friends as gargoyles.

"Are you saying that Demona did this?" Keith asked.

"Yes, I am."

"What do we do now, Keith?" Allura questioned.

"Wait for a cure."

Oh, sure. Wait for Demona to give the cure. That's like trying to stop time by staring at your watch.

"WAIT!" screamed Nanny. "We're all monsters and you're saying we have to wait!"

"Nanny, calm down," Allura said.

"Well, I'm not going to sit here and do nothing," Lance declared. "I'm going to use these wings. If you'll help me learn," he added, looking at me.

"Of course." Lance and I headed up to the second floor and I climbed onto a window sill. "Gliding is not that hard," I began. "Just watch closely at what I do."

I jumped into the open air where there was a few seconds of freefall before my wings snapped open. I caught an updraft and sailed up to the window. Lance's eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Come on." I gestured for him to follow my previous example. Lance got onto the sill, took a deep breath, and jumped. I watched him fall for what felt like minutes. He opened his wings, but his ascent was wobbly and unsteady, which was no surprise. I glided to his side and told him how to position his wings for a steady flight. By the time the two of us returned to the Control Room, a sudden thought struck me. I gasped.

"What's wrong?" Allura asked.

"Amulets," I said.

Keith, Hunk, Lance, and Pidge reached into their pocket, showed me the amulets I gave them, and put them on. I touched the one on my neck. Then, I reached into my pouch and pulled out five more amulets and gave them to Coran, Nanny, Allura, Sven, and Romelle.

"V'at are t'ese for?" Sven asked.

"It prevents the sun from turning us to stone," I explained.

On went the amulets. And not a moment too soon. I watched as the sun rose over the horizon. I remembered that Benjamin, a friend of the clan, had said that Demona was human during the day. I told my friends this bit of information.

"S'e's provavly going teux come inteux t'e castle and expect teux find us sleeping in stone," Sven said slowly, catching on.

"Right," I replied.

As if on cue, a human Demona appeared in the Control Room doorway. Her eyes widened when she saw that we were all still flesh and blood.

"How can you not be stone?" she cried. Her gaze swept across the room and rested on me. This was when her eyes glowed red and she was human!

"YOU," she snarled. "Wherever I am, you're always nearby, ruining my plans!" Demona lunged at me. The two of us locked hands and fought. Demona may have been human, but she still had gargoyle strength. The gargoyle-turned-human's hands went for my throat and started to squeeze. I pulled my head back and pushed her away. Then, blackness filled my eyes.

The world was filled with cracking stone and a loud roar. I looked at my feet and saw stone bits. Looking up, I saw Sven looking at me with amazed eyes at my awakening.

"Was I asleep?" I asked.

"Yes, you vere. Demona pulled her amulet off. I put it vack on."

"Thanks," I stalked over to the immortal who was being held by Keith and Lance. "Remove your spell," I demanded.

"I used the same spell I used on you," Demona smirked.

I couldn't believe it! My friends were stuck as gargoyles, just as I was. This was terrible. My fear had come true. "Let her go," I ordered softly. They did so and Demona left the castle, her maniacal laugh was the only mark of her presence.

I sank into a chair and put my face in my hands. A few minutes later, I felt a hand on my arm. Looking up, I saw Keith looking at me, eye level. "Keith, I'm so sorry," I whispered.

"It's all right, Jasmine. We'll find a way to get through this."

I spent the whole day and some of the night helping everyone get adjusted to their new gargoyle forms. I taught them to glide and climb up buildings, except for Nanny and Coran. But that's another story.

"Jasmine, I think you better get back to the clocktower. The clan's probably worried about you," Allura suggested.

"All right." I went to the second floor and leaped out the window. Half an hour later, the tower came into view and a gargoyle shape was coming my way. A male gargoyle. Brooklyn.

"Jasmine, you won't believe the excitement we had last night and tonight!"

"Mine either," I replied. "Except my story might be less exciting."

"Nonsense. Let's go in and we can exchange stories." I followed Brooklyn inside the tower and spent the rest of the night listening to the clan's adventure and telling mine.

"The End"

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