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Welcome to Grand Canyon, Arizona!

Home of the American gargoyles.

The vista of the Grand Canyon towers above you seeing as you are at the bottom near a pair of caves. You enter the largest cave and feel your way along. The soft glow of a fire in the back beckons you. You reach the back to see a blonde lavendar female gargoyle and a silver furred wolf-like gargoyle hatchling. The blonde smiles at you.

"Welcome, human. I had a vision of your arrival. My name is Skydancer and I am the Second-in-Command. I invite you to read our stories. I have no doubt that they will be different than the stories of the other clans you have visited."

You thank her and turned to the stories lined up against one wall, far from the fire. A lantern holding a ball of fire hangs nearby, giving you light to read the stories.

Clan Descriptions

The Beginning- Read how the unification of this clan started.

The Search Begins- Shadows meets his first clan member.

Expansion- The second clan member stumbles upon the clan's new home.

Status- A new clan member is found, but he's convinced that he would be a better second in command. Can Skydancer prove herself worthy?