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The Purpose of a Gargoyle

Thomas stood on the outside of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. He and Dominick have been living there for five months now (It was July). True, he missed seeing the sun and feeling its warmth, but he had dreams of seeing and feeling the sun's rays. Thomas's real problem was what is a gargoyle's purpose in life? What do gargoyles do?

Thomas sighed and walked inside. He saw his love sitting on the floor against a wooden pillar reading a book. The book was dusty with a red cover. The pages were slightly yellowed at the edges, but otherwise in perfect condition.

"Hi Dominick," Thomas greeted.

"Hello dear," was the reply.

"You know, I've had this problem for the past couple of nights."

Dominick closed the book and looked up. "What is it?"

"Well we've been gargoyles for five months and I feel as if we're not doing whatever it is that gargoyles do."

"Funny you should mention it. This book I'm reading was written by the leader of a clan of gargoyles that lived here in the 1800's. He wrote that his clan protected the humans of Cologne from criminals."

"Are you saying that gargoyles protect people?"

"Exactly. Even the female gargoyles did this. They went out for crimes on what they called patrols."

"Then let's go on a...patrol. Right now," Thomas said, excitingly. After five months of not doing anything worthwhile, they finally had something to do. Thomas and Dominick leaped off the cathedral and glided around the city looking for people in trouble.

The sound of footsteps echoed against the concrete sidewalk. The person running looked over her shoulder. Her blue eyes widened. Her kidnapper was right behind her. Alice ran faster, her dark hair flowing behind her. As she ran, she wondered why this man kidnapped her, an ordinary little girl?

Alice ran onto a dark street and found herself at a cul-de-sac. She turned and looked at her enemy's cold blue eyes. They were like blue fire. It was an interesting contrast to his flaming colored hair, but Alice was too frightened to notice this.

"Now, you're coming with me, little girl," the man said menacingly.

"No I won't," Alice answered shakily.

"Yes, you will Alice," the man replied fiercely.

"She said 'no'. That's final," a voice called from the darkness. The two of them looked up and saw a dark figure. The shape swooped and attacked the man. The man caught a glimpse of his attacker as did the dark figure.

"Thomas!" exclaimed the man at the same time Thomas exclaimed, "Alex!"

While the two males fought, Dominick swooped down in front of the girl. The blonde gargoyle noticed the girl looked about seven years old. And she was frightened by Dominick's form.

Alice stared at the most frightening thing she had ever seen. Sure, the monsters in her dreams were horrible-looking, but they weren't real. The thing before her, however, was real.

Dominick folded her wings. "Please don't be scared. We're here to help you. My name's Dominick."

"I-I'm Alice," came the scared reply.

Dominick held out one hand. "Come on. I'll take you home."

Alice didn't know why she trusted her, but she did. She took Dominick's hand, was hoisted onto her back, and then transferred to her arms once on the roof. Dominick launched herself into the air, glided into the sky and followed Alice's directions to her home.

Dominick landed on the roof of Alice's house and Alice slipped out of her arms. Before Alice could climb down the ladder on the side of her house, Dominick grabbed her arm. She looked at her.

"Alice, can you tell me why that man was after you?"

"He kidnapped me when I was walking home from one of my friend's birthday party and held me in his house. He said something about trying...spells on me. Oh, that's crazy. Spells, I mean."

"No, that's not crazy. The man's name is Alex and he's a sorcerer. He can cast magic spells on anyone he doesn't like. What did you do to make him mad at you?"

"I'm not sure. I help mom plant flowers and I kiss mom and dad goodnight before bed."

"Then that's it. Alex hates flowers and love I don't why, but he does (his girlfriend probably dumped him). He turned my husband and me into gargoyles because we love each other."

"You were a person? Like me?"

"Yes. Actually , I was the one who was supposed to be a gargoyle. Alex thought he cast a different spell on my husband, Thomas."

"I need to get inside. Can I see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. Right here. But, tomorrow night. Gargoyles are statues during the day."

"Okay. Tomorrow night."

Alex tried to defeat Thomas, but he was no match for Thomas's claws and agile tail. And he didn't have any useful spells with him. So, he turned and ran, vowing revenge on him.

Thomas scaled up the wall, glided into the air, and started searching for his companion. He wasn't searching long before he caught up with Dominick, who was heading back to her husband.

"Thomas, I've made friends with the girl Alex was after."

"Are you sure that was wise?"

"Of course it was, don't be silly. She was frightened at first, but she soon got used to my form. We'll meet at her house on the roof tomorrow night."

"Well, okay."

Alex listened to the two gargoyles from his crystal ball. Here was his chance to get even with Thomas and capture Alice for his experiments. All of this would happen tomorrow night.

The next night Dominick led Thomas to Alice's house. Their new friend was waiting on the roof. As they landed, they were unaware of Alex watching them, not too far away.

"Hi Dominick," Alice greeted.

"Hi Alice. This is my husband, Thomas."


"Hello Alice. Dominick told me why Alex is after you. I assure you Alex won't get you."

"You're wrong, Thomas!" exclaimed a voice. All three turned around. It was Alex! He had climbed up the ladder.

Alex raised an arm and chanted a single word. Lightening flashed from his fingers and struck Thomas. He fell on the roof, unconscious. Dominick stood in front of Alice as Alex came closer.

"I want the girl. Give her to me!"

Dominick scooped up Alice and dove off the edge with her. She went up and into the sky.

"Give me the girl Dominick. Or your precious Thomas dies!"

Dominick was shocked. What should she do? Save Alice or Thomas? She couldn't give Alice to their enemy. That wasn't right. But Thomas would die if she didn't.

"What will it be, gargoyle? Alice or Thomas?"

Dominick whispered, "I have a plan Alice, but I'm going to need your help to pull it off." She whispered in her little friend's ear.

Dominick glided back to Alice's house, Alice still in her arms. She landed and Alice slipped from her grasp.

Facing Alex, Dominick said, "Alright Alex. Alice is yours."

"Yes. Thomas is my friend and I won't let him die," Alice added.

"Excellent," Alex said. He grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her close. "At last, I can finally experiment on you. But, before I do that, I need to find a way to take you powers away."

"Powers? What powers?" Alice asked.

"Why, you're a sorceress my dear. A very young one, but your powers will soon become powerful and easy to access if I don't take them away. That needs to be done tonight. Tonight's the night they can be accessed."

While Alex talked, Dominick sneaked up behind him and, using her tail, knocked him off his feet. Alex lost his grip on Alice and bumped his head as he hit the ground.

By then, Thomas woke up. He saw Alex unconscious with Dominick and Alice standing near him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I swept him off his feet with my tail," Dominick explained.

"He told me that I'm a sorceress," Alice said, shocked by this fact.

"A sorceress!" exclaimed the blue-gray gargoyle.

Dominick nodded, and then turned to Alice. "Do you think you can cast a spell on Alex?"

"I'll try, but what kind of spell?"

"How about forgetting where you live?"

"Okay." Alice stepped up to Alex and recited a spell in German. When she was done, she turned to Thomas.

"You can take him back to his home," she told him.

Thomas picked up the still form of Alex and took him back to his home. Once he placed Alex in the house, he glided back to his friends.

Dominick and Thomas bid goodbye to Alice, after politely refusing her offer to reverse Alex's spell. Then they headed back to the Cologne Cathedral.

The End

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