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The Romance of a Lifetime

It was the most beautiful sight in all of Cologne, Germany. This sight was the Cologne Cathedral. The cathedral was admired by all the people in the city. Especially by two people. Their names were Thomas and Dominick. Thomas, with his brown hair and eyes, was in love with Dominick, who has blond hair and green eyes. They planned to get married the weekend after Valentine's Day, which was a week away. It was February ninth.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, there was an evil sorcerer named Alex, who had red hair and blue eyes. Alex hated love and anything connected with love. That included marriage, flowers, dating, and especially loving relationships.

Alex turned to his crystal ball and asked it to find a pair of lovebirds or anything resembling love. The ball was cloudy at first, but soon cleared to reveal Thomas and Dominick.

"I love you, Dominick. Nothing will change that. I'll never leave you," Thomas said, brushing a strand of hair out of Dominick's eyes.

"Same here Thomas," replied Dominick, smiling. Thomas and Dominick leaned closer together and kissed. The ball clouded again.

But Alex had seen and heard enough. He grinned to himself. "So, he vows never to leave her? I'll soon fix that. I'll make sure that he leaves her," Alex said as he started to form a plan to accomplish this mission.

It took Alex one day before he put his plan into action. Alex went to Dominick's house and kidnapped her. Then he left Thomas a note telling him his plan and how it was hopeless to save his love.

Alex took Dominick back to his house, where he chained her up and began thumbing through a collection of pages and scrolls. Dominick tried to slip her hands out of the cuffs and escape, but she couldn't.

"Why have you done this?" asked Dominick.

"I don't like the way you and your sweetheart show your love towards each other, so I'm going to fix it. I'm going to cast a spell on you and your boyfriend will not love you anymore and your relationship will be destroyed," Alex explained. With that, he went back to the pages and scrolls.

"Thomas will rescue me. I know he will," Dominick replied, her voice full of hope.

"Not before I cast the spell," Alex answered. Alex turned around, a piece of paper in his hand. Alex didn't know what it would do, but he didn't care. Alex recited the spell and he changed Dominick into a gargoyle. Her skin was green, but her hair and eyes were the same.

Dominick was shocked that Alex actually had the nerve to do this. Alex grabbed the keys to the chains and unlocked them.

"You better go now. For when the sun rises you'll become a stone statue. But don't worry, because at sunset, you'll be flesh and blood again," Alex said, heading back to his desk. Dominick ran for her house.

Thomas woke up to the feeling of sunlight on his face. When he opened his eyes, he spotted Alex's note. Thomas picked it up and read it. Thomas could not believe it. Someone kidnapped Dominick and was determined to ruin their love. Thomas set out to find this Alex person and have him undo his spell.

On the night of February 14th, Thomas began to panic. It was Valentine's Day, the wedding was in two days, and he hasn't found Alex's house or seen Dominick for that matter. He decided to go to Dominick's house.

Thomas cautiously entered her house. A light was on upstairs and he heard what sounded like Dominick, crying. He raced up the stairs calling, "Dominick! I'm here. Don't cry."

When he got to the second floor, there was no sign of Dominick. He heard feet heading for the roof. Thomas went to the living room and opened a hatch to the roof. Thomas hoisted himself up and waited for Dominick to reach the roof.

When Dominick reached the top, Thomas ran to her and stopped short. What he saw didn't look like Dominick, but it was her hair and eyes.

He stood there in shock. He said in amazement, "D-Dominick? Is that you?" Dominick nodded. Thomas ran to her and embraced her.

"Don't worry Dominick. Tomorrow morning we will find Alex's house and force him to change you back," Thomas said in a comforting voice.

Dominick looked at Thomas. "I can't go with you in the morning because when the sun rises, I'll turn to stone," she replied.

Thomas thought this over. Then he said, "Dominick, I'll go to Alex's hours tonight by myself and force a counter spell out of him. Just point out his house and I'm there."

Dominick pointed southward. Thomas then got to the street and took off in that direction.

When he reached the house, he quietly sneaked inside and cautiously made his way toward a light that was on in the house. Thomas peeked around a corner and saw Alex.

Thomas stepped away from his hiding place and called out, "All right Alex. Free Dominick from your spell and I mean now."

Alex looked up, grabbed the first spell he saw and said, "I'll soon fix you, Thomas."

Alex began reciting and Thomas left the room quickly just as Alex finished the spell. Thomas hoped he got out in time. Alex called after him, "At sunrise, I'll smash you girlfriend."

When Thomas got back to Dominick's house and got to the roof, he saw Dominick standing there, her eyes wide with shock. Thomas started to ask what was wrong, when he saw his skin was blue-gray. Thomas realized that he was a gargoyle, too.

"Dominick, you've got to find somewhere else to live. Alex will be here at sunrise to kill you," Thomas warned her.

"He'll kill you too, when he realizes what happened," Dominick replied. The two thought quickly and Dominick suggested living at the Cologne Cathedral. Thomas agreed and they took off for the cathedral to live together for the rest of their lives.

At sunrise, Alex went to Dominick's house with a sledgehammer. He looked all over the house, but no sign of her. Alex assumed that Dominick left the country the night before, so he returned to his comfortable, split-level home.

The End

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