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Tracy paced the floor of her bedroom, the only room of five that she hadn't wrecked in her rage. She couldn't believe that her plans had been thwarted again by a new friend of the gargoyles, her ex-boyfriend, Peter, of all people. Well, this time her plan would not fail. She thought of every obstacle and a way to take care of it.

"First thing I'll do, is turn the three humans into gargoyles, then destroy all of them at sunrise!" Tracy smiled to herself at this little scenario. She walked outside and began her search for the three humans.

Matthew and Barbara were invited to an early supper with Peter before they all went to meet the gargoyles. As they walked there, they enjoyed the warm summer breeze as it blew through their hair. Barbara knocked on the door and Peter answered it a few minutes later. He ushered the two of them inside.

When Barbara and Matthew entered the dining room, they noticed that Peter had put out his best tablecloth, china, silverware, and glasses. Two candles were on the table, burning away.

"What's the occasion?" Barbara asked, gaping at the table.

"Please sit down," Peter requested politely.

The two guests sat down, while their host served the food and filled the glasses. At last, Peter sat down and raised the glass.

"A toast to my new friends that I have found a few months ago," Peter announced. He turned to Barbara. "And a toast to you, Barbara. You are as beautiful as the sun. Will you marry me?" Peter had popped the big question.

Barbara gasped. 'Peter wants me to marry him?' she thought.

"Are you kidding? Of course I will," Barbara answered.

The redhead smiled as he slipped the engagement ring on Barbara's hand. The three of them quickly ate their supper. Within an hour, they were on their way to the Notre Dame Cathedral, unaware that a shadowy figure followed them on the last few feet to the cathedral.

They stood in the bell tower, where the gargoyles decided to use as their permanent sleeping place, waiting for their friends to awaken from their stone statue forms. As the sun disappeared from the sky, the sounds of roaring and cracking of stone filled the air. The gargoyles were awake.

"Hi, guys. What's up?" Brian asked, brushing stone bits from his arm.

"Barbara and I are getting married!" Peter announced.

"Congratulations!" Mary said. "Marriage is a very important step."

"Yes, it is," Matthew agreed. He went up to Mary and kneeled before her. "Mary?" he began, taking one of her clawed hands. "Will you be my...mate?"

Mary stood there in shock. She never thought Matthew would ask such a question. They were two different species, she gargoyle and he human. Yet, she did love him.

She smiled. "Of course, I'll be your mate."

Well, that did it. Michel and Esmeralda immediately paired up, as did Brian and Leslie. This left Patrick with no mate. It didn't matter. He didn't need a...mate, as the gargoyles called each other when they're paired.

"Is something wrong, Patrick?" Leslie asked. "You don't mind if Brian and I are mates, do you?"

"No, of course I don't mind. I'll have my own mate someday. I'm just waiting for her," Patrick protested.

The redheaded gargoyle caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Looking toward the bells, he caught sight of a blond woman's reflection in the bell opposite her. It was Tracy!

"Everyone, look out! Tracy's here!" Patrick sounded the alarm. The group turned to face their enemy, who stepped out from behind the bells. Her lips were up in an evil smile that revealed some kind of plan that couldn't be good.

"What do you want?" Matthew asked as he, Peter, and Barbara stood between Tracy and the gargoyles.

"You'll find out soon enough," Tracy answered back, pointing a finger at him. Matthew grabbed his head with his hands and moaned. Then, he grew horns, wings, a tail, and claws. His skin flushed a deep shade of blue. Matthew dropped to his knees as his change completed itself.

Tracy pointed at Barbara and she changed into a gargoyle. Peter stared in horror as he watched his future wife change. He glared at Tracy. "How dare you try this, you witch!" he shouted at her.

Tracy smiled. 'I'm going to enjoy this,' she thought. She pointed her finger with more force than before. Peter immediately dropped to the floor and went through a more painful process then the other two.

Michel and Brian instantly attacked Tracy and pinned her to the ground. Her arms were free, however, and she shot two bolts at them, sending the two gargoyles hurtling towards the opposite wall. Then, she escaped the cathedral. The three females went to help Barbara, Peter, and Matthew while Patrick helped Michel and Brian.

"Matthew, are you alright?" Mary asked, as she helped her mate up.

"I think so," was Matthew's reply. "But...why would Tracy do this?"

"She means to kill us all," Michel growled.

"Yes. She'll be expecting us to be here at sunrise," Peter concluded.

"What do we do?" Mary asked.

"Simple. We'll go to my place. She'll never find us there," Peter resolved.

"Let's go now. While we have the chance," Michel ordered.

Tracy kept replaying her attack in her mind over and over. Her plan was so simple that she should have done it when Peter was there the last time she attacked. Even if he did have her laser gun aimed at her back. But now, it will happen. Her enemies would die in a matter of hours.

Sunrise arrived and Tracy went to the cathedral. She pictured this moment all night. She would arrive in the bell tower and see nine stone gargoyles. She would kill each of them with a magic bolt, saving Peter for last. Then she would take a mace and slowly enjoy smashing him to dust. Her laugh echoing throughout the tower.

As she reached the tower, she saw that it was empty. She searched the entire building, but no sign of them. They escaped her! They were somewhere in the city, but she would never find them before sunset. Frustrated and angry, Tracy returned home.

Peter let out a loud roar as he burst from his stone case. Looking around at his friends and girlfriend, he said, "Matthew, Barbara, and I will got to Tracy's house and force her to reverse the spell." He looked over at Patrick and added, "You can come also Patrick."

Patrick shook his head. "No, thanks. I've gotten used to being like this."

The three gargoyles glided over the city (having been taught by the others with the exception of Barbara). They found Tracy's house, being that Peter went to her house to pick her up for dates.

Barbara smashed a window on the second floor and the three of them landed gracefully inside. They carefully searched the second floor, two being on the lookout while the third combed the room. They finally found her in her bedroom, looking very upset.

"I almost had them! Their deaths were within my grasp!" Tracy screamed. "And they got away!"

"Then, maybe you would like to try again!" a voice called out. The young witch spun around. It was Peter with Barbara and Matthew behind him. The two males lunged at Tracy and pinned her down, her arms held away from her body. Barbara pinned her hands, so she couldn't try anything.

"Change us back Tracy, or else we'll kill you," Peter growled.

Tracy sighed, realizing that she had no other choice. She, like the other three, did not know she was immortal. It was one of her witch benefits.

"All right. But you have to release me," Tracy resigned.

The gargoyles did as she requested. Tracy pointed at each one in turn and one by one they turned back into humans.

"Come on. Let's head back to the others," Matthew said.

"No! This time I'll change you into gargoyles permanently, piece by piece!" Tracy shrieked. She pointed at them.

The three humans dashed behind Tracy's full-length mirror. Matthew felt like he hid too late, but nothing happened, as Tracy pointed her finger again.

There was a scream as Tracy's magic bounced off the mirror and back at her. The trio peeked out from behind the mirror. Tracy had a tail! Tracy stupidly continued pointing at her enemies, each time her magic bounced off the mirror and back at her. In a matter of minutes, Tracy was a gargoyle-permanently. While the witch examined her claws and wings, the trio left and headed back to the gargoyles.

As Peter and Barbara related their tale, Matthew let out a pained cry. They glanced at him. They saw dark blue gargoyle wings sprout from his back.

"Matthew!" Mary cried.

"He didn't hide from Tracy fast enough," Barbara guessed. "Now he has wings permanently."

"What am I going to do?" Matthew said in a panicked tone. "I can't go to college like this. And what are my parents going to say?"

"Just say you found a place to live. Then come here and Barbara and I will take care of you. You can go back to your home during the night and get whatever things are necessary," Peter explained.

One Week Later...

"You may kiss the bride," proclaimed the minister. The gargoyles were at the weddings. Peter found a blind minister to work the wedding. It wasn't an elaborate wedding, it was just them, the gargoyles, and Matthew.

Peter's plan last week worked perfectly. Matthew's parents accepted Matthew finding a place to live (not exactly a lie). It took three nights to get all the things he needed.

After the reception, the nine friends went to the cathedral to talk. Mary, however, sensed that Matthew wasn't exactly happy. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure if I like being a winged human."

"We talked about it before. You can hide your wings underneath your shirts."

"I know. But at least I don't turn to stone." The group laughed. Thus, the adventures of the Paris, France clan ended.

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