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A Change in Plans

October 21st, 1996. Paris, France. Tracy reconsidered the events that had occurred the night before. She replayed everything from her arrival at the Notre Dame Cathedral to her retreating back to her home.

'I may not have destroyed the male gargoyles, but at least I took care of Peter,' she thought with glee. She still thought that Patrick was her ex-boyfriend, Peter.

"Hmm. Forget about destroying all human males. From now on, my main goal in life will be to destroy the gargoyles," decided the evil witch. "And I won't wait until sunset!"

Meanwhile, at the cathedral, Patrick was dreaming. He dreamed that he was gliding over the city when someone immediately started shooting at him. Looking down, he saw Tracy pointing at him and firing bolts from her fingers. She struck a direct hit and he fell. He landed on the street and as he got up, he saw the sun rising. He turned to stone. Tracy pointed a finger at him and...

Sunset was approaching and when Patrick awoke, he screamed, "NO!"

"Patrick, what's wrong?" asked Leslie, who looked very concerned.

Patrick breathed a sigh of relief. "Nothing. Just a dream."

"Sounded more like a nightmare to me," spoke up Brian. "How about telling us what happened?"

Patrick explained his dream as the six of them walked in and greeted their two human friends, who had dinner ready.

Leslie repeated Patrick's dream to their two friends, who nodded solemnly. Matthew broke the mood by offering food and telling jokes.

Tracy decided that waiting and destroying the gargoyles at sunrise just wouldn't work. Their human friends would most likely be there guarding them. She had to do it tonight! "This night will be their last!" Tracy vowed. She decided to use a laser gun and her magic to accomplish her task. She went to a pawn shop and purchased the laser gun she needed. Then, she turned toward the cathedral. She arrived at the cathedral and as she started toward the doors, Esmeralda spotted her from the windows.

"Tracy's coming! Prepare yourselves!" the female called.

The others did so with Barbara and Matthew standing in front of the gargoyles. When Tracy reached the top and saw her welcoming committee, she fired her gun and everyone scattered. The gargoyles glided into the air. Tracy raced out of the cathedral to follow them with Barbara and Matthew close behind her.

Tracy, once outside, fired her gun at the gargoyles. She missed. Letting her gun hang down by her side by a strap on her shoulder, she used magic bolts on them. One bolt hit Patrick and he landed on the street. The gargoyles, Barbara, and Matthew raced over to him. When they looked at Tracy, she smiled evilly and had a pointer finger aimed at them.

"I'm going to turn you two humans into gargoyles and then I'll destroy you all," Tracy declared. Before Tracy could fire, a laser beam landed between her and her adversaries.

"Who did that?" demanded the blond. No one answered. She pointed her finger again and once more a laser beam was shot between the two sides.

"Leave them alone, Tracy," a voice commanded.

"Who are you to interfere-," Tracy began.

A person stepped out of the shadows. He had the same hair and eye color as Patrick, but he was older.

"Peter?" the woman gasped. She looked from Patrick to Peter and back. "But-but I thought...You're there, so who's...?" she sputtered. Tracy thought back to the night before. She then realized that she, in her anger, turned an innocent teenager into a gargoyle, mistaking him for Peter.

'Wait a minute! He's not innocent! He helped prevent me from destroying the male gargoyles. He got what he deserved!' thought Tracy. She turned to Peter, deciding to win him over to her side.

"Peter, you've got it all wrong. These guys attacked me. I'm-" Tracy started.

"-hurting innocent citizens," interrupted Peter.

The gargoyles, Barbara, and Matthew watched Tracy and Peter with curiosity.

"Who is that man?" Michel wondered out loud.

"He saved us. He might be on our side," Barbara observed.

"He must be Peter, the guy Tracy mistook me for," Patrick guessed.

The eight of them continued to watch Tracy and Peter talk. And rather angrily, too.

"Who are you going to help, me or them?" Tracy said.

"When you put it that way, them," Peter retorted, pointing at the eight friends. Then he grabbed Tracy's gun from her, pointed it at her back, and said, "Now get out of here, Tracy. Get going!"

Tracy did so. Peter threw the gun away, walked over to the others, and introduced himself. He even explained his relationship with Tracy. He stood her up because he felt there was something evil about Tracy and he didn't want to marry someone he felt was evil.

Barbara introduced herself and her friends. Then she asked Peter how he knew about the gargoyles. "I saw them gliding across the sky, and just knew gargoyles existed. And I would like to help protect them," the man explained.

'And so, Peter becomes a gargoyle protector. A new friend has entered the circle,' Michel thought. 'Peter is now part of our clan,' he added, smiling to himself as he followed the others into the cathedral.

The End

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