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One Enemy, One Friend

The date was October 19th, 1996. A beautiful woman stood at the altar, waiting for the groom. The woman's name was Tracy. She was twenty-eight with clear, light blue eyes and blond hair. Tracy was waiting for her husband-to-be, Peter, to arrive. She waited ten minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour. Finally, the best man walked up to Tracy.

"I'm sorry Miss Tracy, but Peter isn't coming to the wedding," the usher said. Tracy nodded calmly, but inside she was screaming. This was the third time in four years that she was stood up on her wedding day. This was the last straw! She was going to remain single for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Matthew made friends with a street kid named Patrick. Patrick was fifteen with green eyes, red hair, and a very stubborn personality. But overall, he was a nice person. Matthew told Patrick about Barbara and his gargoyle friends, after having him promise not to tell anyone. Sunset came. Matthew led Patrick up to the bell tower, where they met Barbara, who was putting dinner on the table.

"Barbara, meet my new friend Patrick," Matthew introduced.

"Nice to meet you Patrick," the English woman said.

"Nice to meet you too," Patrick answered. Seeing the gargoyles on the railing outside the tower, he added, "Is it true that these gargoyles can come to life?"

"Well, five of them do. I believe that they're about to wake up." The five of them walked outside and watched as Michel, Esmeralda, Mary, Brian, and Leslie woke up. As they turned around, they saw Matthew and Barbara with another human.

"Matthew, who's your new friend?" Leslie asked.

"Guys, this is Patrick. Patrick, these are our friends. Michel, Esmeralda, Brian, Mary, and Leslie."

The gargoyles and Patrick exchanged hello's and pleased to meet you's, then went inside to eat.

In a normal house in Paris, Tracy had decided to take a little nap before doing some work. So, she laid down on her bed and fell asleep. While she slept, something strange happened. Tracy levitated four feet above her bed. Fifteen minutes later, Tracy woke up. The second she did, the levitation wore off. She landed on her bed with a thud.

'What was I doing four feet above my bed?' wondered Tracy. She knew that on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch that Sabrina levitated...

Tracy's thoughts came to a screeching halt. Levitation! Witch! 'I must be a witch!' Tracy thought with shock. But, apparently her powers surfaced after she had been dumped at the altar, she just didn't know it until her nap. Finally, she had a way to carry out her plan. The destruction of human males! Tracy didn't consider the consequences of by killing the males, the females would eventually die out. She went right to work on how to control her powers. Sunrise came and the gargoyles turned to stone, while Tracy also went to bed, pleased that she learned some spells. She had found a diary, kept by a woman in her family who was a witch. It helped her learn about her powers. All she had to do for most part was point and concentrate.

Later that afternoon, Tracy woke up. Like last time, she landed on her bed when her levitation wore off. Being a witch was going to time to get used to. She got off the bed, freshened herself up with a point, went outside to take a walk. As she walked by the cathedral, she overheard Barbara talking to Patrick about the gargoyles. Tracy listened with interest. When Barbara and Patrick left, Tracy continued her walk, but the recent conversation she heard was flying around in her head.

'I never knew that gargoyles came to life. I always thought they were stone rainspouts.' 'Or cartoon characters,' she added to herself, when she recalled seeing commercials she saw. 'And I bet male gargoyles are even more dangerous than human males. Those males must die!"

Tracy returned home and began rooting about her attic, looking for a sledgehammer. She found, and then took a nap to keep up her strength, for the moment of the males' destruction. She woke up at half an hour to sunset. She grabbed the sledgehammer and headed for the cathedral.

Once inside, she debated on where the gargoyles would be sleeping. She decided to look up around the towers. She searched the east and west towers and the south towers. As she passed the bell tower, she caught sight of five gargoyles. She could easily tell which were female and which were male. Tracy was glad because there was ten minutes before sunset.

Barbara and Patrick were heading up to the bell tower. When they got there, they saw a woman near their friends with a sledgehammer. "What are you doing?" cried Barbara, startling Tracy. Tracy turned around, saw Barbara, and went over to her.

"Hello, my name is Tracy. What is your name?"

"Barbara. What are you doing?"

"None of your business!" snapped Tracy. She picked up her sledgehammer and once again walked toward the gargoyles.

Barbara immediately caught on to what Tracy was up to and tackled her before she could do anything. By then, the sun had set. The gargoyles had awakened. When the gargoyles turned around, they saw Barbara and Patrick holding a lady with her arms behind her back.

"What's going on?" Esmeralda questioned.

"This woman tried to kill you guys," Barbara explained.

"Not true. I was trying to kill the males."

"The fact is you tried to kill our friends," Patrick said angrily.

Tracy got her first look at Patrick. Her face went white. "P-P-Peter?" she whispered faintly.

"The name's Patrick," he corrected.

Tracy didn't listen, she jerked out Barbara's and Patrick's grasps and ran out of the cathedral. The others followed her.

Tracy ran to the side of the cathedral and paused to catch her breath. She couldn't believe it. The red hair, the green eyes. It had to be Peter. Well, he was pay for standing her up at the wedding. She was going to ruin his life. After all, she was a witch.

Suddenly, Tracy heard footsteps. She hid in the shadows and watched the gargoyles and Barbara walk by. As Patrick passed her, she jumped out of the shadows and grabbed him. Patrick gave a surprised cry and his friends turned around and saw Tracy holding him.

"Let him go!" Leslie demanded.

"Certainly. When I'm done with him," Tracy answered. She leaned closer to Patrick and whispered, "You are going to pay for standing me up at the wedding, Peter!"

"It's Patrick, not Peter," Patrick insisted, but Tracy paid no attention. Instead, she pointed discreetly at him and concentrated on turning him into a gargoyle. Since he seemed to like protecting them, he can join their death when it came. She felt a spark on magic jump from her finger and into Patrick. She let him go and as Patrick landed on the street, wings sprouted out of his back, he grew a tail and he had claws. Tracy laughed. But her laughter was cut short when Barbara and the gargoyles began to chase her, planning to catch her and get her to change Patrick back.

Patrick was left on the street, not sure what to do. Just then, Matthew came walking up the street. He saw what he presumed to be a lost gargoyle. He walked up to him and touched him on the shoulder. When the gargoyle turned around, Matthew realized that it was Patrick.

"Patrick, how did this happen?"

"Leave me alone. I don't want to talk about it."

"Patrick, I'm here to help."

"A little late for that, isn't it? I don't need help, anyway." Patrick went into the cathedral and up to the bell tower to be alone.

Meanwhile, the other stopped chasing Tracy once she entered the city. They went back to the cathedral, where they met Matthew. Matthew described the conversation he and Patrick had and where Patrick went. The group went up to Patrick and tried to talk to him. Patrick said he didn't need help and that he was fine.

Mary, Brian, and Leslie told Patrick their stories about becoming gargoyles and how they felt. Patrick realized that it was wrong to be so mean and cross with his friends when they just wanted to help him. He apologized to Matthew for being so mean to him and he accepted.

Matthew decided to go home and get some sleep so he could go to school the next day. Barbara volunteered to stand guard and watch for Tracy, in case she came back. Tracy never did come back that night. She was still preparing for her original plan (The destruction of human males, remember?). Barbara stood watch the rest of the night and all morning. She fell asleep as the afternoon began.

The End

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