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Pierre's Last Attack

It's been three weeks since Pierre attacked them, but the incident was now a distant memory to the seven friends. The date was July 18th, 1996. Life was carefree and wonderful. But that was about to change.

In London, Robert kept recalling the attack Pierre did three weeks ago (Pierre told him what happened). Robert knew that the plan would have worked if he had been there. So, Robert called his cousin to his room and told him these thoughts.

"I should have known that it was foolish to bring Barbara," Pierre admitted. "But I wouldn't listen when you asked to come."

"But now is the time to strike. Those friends are probably not prepared for an attack," Robert replied sensibly.

"Then let's head for Paris," exclaimed Pierre.

In Paris, the gargoyles were enjoying the supper that Matthew and Barbara had made together. Barbara had managed to get a job, a house, and enough money to live comfortable. As they sat down and ate, Mary was having mixed feelings. On one hand, being a gargoyle was terrific, but lately, she's been feeling a sense of longing to be human again. But Mary loved her life as it was now. She wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sunrise was coming and as the five gargoyles headed for the pedestals, Robert and Pierre arrived in Paris and made for the underground laboratory

. Sunrise came and went. As sunset came, Barbara and Matthew brought the dinner for the night and set it on the table. Then they went to where their friends were sleeping. A few minutes later, the gargoyles were awake. Then all seven went inside to eat.

In the underground lab, Pierre had also awaken. Then, he and Robert started to discuss their plan of revenge (Bent on revenge aren't they?).

"You know, I still have the lab guns with the human and gargoyle formulas," said Pierre.

"Maybe you could use the human formula on all five of the gargoyles," suggested Robert.

"Great idea," exclaimed Pierre. He had apparently forgotten what happened when he used it on just Michel and Esmeralda.

Meanwhile, at the cathedral, Michel suggested to go out gliding, but Brian and Leslie didn't want to go. So, Michel, Esmeralda, and Mary went out by themselves.

As they were gliding, they were unaware that Pierre was nearby, waiting to put the plan into action. When he saw it was three instead of five, he figured he'd get the three of them first and then go after the other two.

So, Pierre glided behind them, his lab gun aimed at Michel. He fired and quickly fired at Esmeralda and Mary. He then glided away. The gargoyles, however, were not unaware of what happened. They pulled the darts out for each other and Mary suggested that they land immediately. The other two agreed.

They landed in a secluded alley. As soon as Michel had both feet on the ground, the formula's effects started to happen. Esmeralda's and Mary's formulas happened soon after. When it was over, the three of them were humans.

Meanwhile, Brian and Leslie were worried about where the others were. "They've been gone an awfully long time," Leslie noted.

"Don't worry. They'll be back," Brian replied. Silently he added to himself, "I hope."

Just then Brian had the feeling of being watched. He turned around and saw Pierre with a lab gun pointed at Leslie and him.

"Duck, Leslie!" Brian yelled. Two darts whizzed by them. Brian charged at Pierre, knocked the gun out of his claws and grabbed him by the lab coat.

"What have you done with our friends?" Brian demanded. Brian just knew his friends were in trouble and that Pierre was the cause of it.

Pierre didn't answer. Instead, he smacked Brian's claws off his coat and glided off. Brian called to Leslie, "Come on. He might lead us to our friends." Brian and Leslie glided into the air and followed Pierre.

Brian and Leslie were gliding over the alley where their friends were at. Mary looked up, saw her friends, and decided to get their attention. She was about to call out their name, when she felt a gun pressed to her back.

"I wouldn't even think about it," Robert said. "Now, the three of you come with me."

Michel, Esmeralda, and Mary knew they had no choice, even though there were three of them and one of him. Robert had a gun and magic on his side. They followed the magician to the underground lab.

Meanwhile, Pierre had lured Brian and Leslie all over the city. After an hour of this, he led them to the underground lab.

Pierre glided down the entrance, but Brian and Leslie landed outside the manhole.

"Brian, this could be a trap," Leslie said thoughtfully.

"That's the chance we have to take, Leslie," Brian replied. "Our friends are down there." So, the two of them jumped down the hole and quietly crept along toward Pierre's lab.

When they reached the lab, Brian and Leslie peeked around the corner. They saw their three friends human being held at gun point by Robert. Brian lunged at Pierre from behind. While he struggled with the scientist, Brian called, "Leslie go get help!" Leslie fled the lab, went up the manhole, and headed for the cathedral to look for Matthew and Barbara. She found them in the bell tower, waiting. Leslie landed and quickly explained to them what happened.

Matthew said, "Let's go to the lab and help them."

The three of them headed for the lab, Leslie leading them from the sky. And they better hurry because Brian was going to need help! Pierre had just pried Brian off him and grabbed the human formula and shot him. Then he threw Brian over to his friends.

Then Matthew, Barbara, and Leslie appeared in the doorway. Matthew and Barbara tackled Pierre and Robert while Leslie went to her friends.

Pierre grabbed Matthew and threw him off. He grabbed the gargoyle formula and aimed it at the human.

"You're finished, human!" Pierre snarled. He fired.

Just as the dart was about to hit Matthew, Michel stepped into the dart's path and the dart landed on him instead. Pierre fired three more times and each time one of the others stepped in and was hit instead.

Michel, who was a gargoyle once more, grabbed Pierre's lab guns and destroyed them.

Robert and Pierre ran from the lab and headed for the airport to go back to London. Pierre actually hitched a ride on the plane. The seven friends then headed home. Once again in London, Pierre and Robert were having a fight.

"This is all your fault, cousin! Robert shouted angrily.

"It's not my fault. They got in the way," retorted Pierre.

Just as Pierre finished his statement, the sun rose and Pierre was stone. Robert sat down in the room to think about the times his cousin dragged him into his revenges, how his life was better off if he hadn't known his cousin. Robert thought and thought. Finally, he came to a conclusion.

He went through his basement, found what he was looking for, and headed back upstairs.

Robert approached his sleeping cousin and from his back he withdrew...a sledgehammer! Robert lifted it above his head and began smashing Pierre to dust. Robert decided to forget about Pierre and the Paris clan once he put Pierre's stone remains in the garbage can.

Meanwhile, in Paris, while the five gargoyles slept, Barbara and Matthew went to get some breakfast. Afterwards, they went to their separate houses to go to sleep.

The End

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