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A Growing Friendship

Paris, France: June 26th, 1996. As the approaching night covered the city, the four protectorates woke up from their sleep. Once awake, they all went inside to discuss dinner, except Mary. She stood on her pedestal, staring thoughtfully into the city. Brian noticed that Mary had not come in and decided to check on her.

"Is something wrong, Mary?"

"I don't know. I feel as if we're being cut off from the rest of the city."

"Well forget it and let's talk dinner." And with that Mary and Brian entered the cathedral.

Meanwhile, in London, Pierre had just duplicated the gargoyle formula he made in Paris. He informed his cousin, Robert, of his success.

"Congratulations cousin! I knew you could do it," Robert said, actually happy for Pierre.

"Thank you. But who could we test it on?"

The two cousins stood together and thought about how to get a test subject. Then, Robert got an idea. He turned to his cousin.

"I just met this woman named Barbara. I can't stand her, but she doesn't seem to get it."

"Then I'll test it on her," Pierre said with glee. "Bring her here immediately."

About half an hour later, Robert came home with Barbara. She had beautiful shoulder length brown hair and sparkling green eyes. At least from Pierre's point of view. He wanted to talk to her, but was afraid that he would frighten her. Instead he slipped the lab gun into Robert's hand and he shot Barbara in the arm when she had her back turned. Barbara simply took out the dart, without questioning how it came to be stuck in her arm, and continued looking around the cousins' house.

After a few minutes, the formula started to affect her. She dropped down and it began. Five to fifteen minutes later, it was complete. As she stood up, she realized that she felt...different. She looked at Robert and asked for a mirror. When Robert held up the mirror, Barbara was shocked by what she saw.

"What have you done to me?" she wanted to know. Looking at Robert, she repeated question, more out of shock than anything else.

"You've been turned into a gargoyle," Pierre spoke up, stepping out of the darkness. Barbara's eyes grew wide when she saw Pierre. Angry, she turned to Robert, not aware that she saw everything in blood red.

"You turned me into a...thing!" Barbara shouted.

"You're not a thing, you're a gargoyle," corrected Robert.

"How could you do this to me?" the female gargoyle demanded.

"Barbara, I really don't like you, but you just don't get it. So my cousin-," Robert began.

"-turns me into a gargoyle," interrupted Barbara. Her eyes filled with sadness.

Pierre stood next to her, trying to comfort her. He told her that it's not so bad being a gargoyle. She believed him. While Pierre talked with her, he felt an urge to return to Paris and still try for revenge again(author's note: Is revenge the only thing Pierre can think about, or what?), but without his cousin's help. Maybe he'll bring Barbara with him.

So when Barbara was feeling better, Pierre went up to Robert and told him about wanting to go back to Paris for revenge. Robert wanted to go too, but Pierre told him no and that he'll take Barbara with him.

Pierre told Barbara a partially true story, hoping that she would agree to help him with his cause. She did. Then the two of them glided across the English Chunnel to the European mainland. They stopped in Spain because the sun was rising. Pierre and Barbara turned to stone.

In Paris, two teenagers, Leslie and Matthew, were planning to spend a day at the Notre Dame cathedral. Leslie, who was sixteen with brown eyes and blond hair, was friends with Matthew, who was seventeen with red hair and blue eyes, since she tripped and dropped her lunch tray back in seventh grade. Matthew who was in eighth grade, didn't laugh at her like the others did, but he offered to buy her another lunch. The two had become friends ever since.

The friends planned lunch and dinner for the day and breakfast for the next morning. They gathered their equipment and headed for the cathedral. The two of them decided to chose to sleep and eat in the bell tower, near the pedestals and where no one would find them. They spread out their sleeping bags and pillows. Then they got out their lunches and sat down to eat.

Throughout the afternoon they sat on their sleeping bags and talked and talked. And for a change of pace, they talked some more. Leslie told Matthew how lonely she felt when he left for high school the year after their friendship. Then how scared and lost she felt when she attended high school until she saw him in the hallways which boosted her confidence and she wasn't afraid anymore. Matthew told her that he missed her when he went to high school but felt better the following year when he saw her again.

As the sun was starting to set, Leslie suggested that they stand outside and watch the coming sunset. So they went outside and watched the sun slowly dipped below the horizon.

As they watched the beautiful sight, Leslie lovingly fingered the stone gargoyle that was her favorite when the two of them looked at the gargoyles earlier that afternoon. This one was Brian. Matthew admired his favorite gargoyle, which was Mary.

The darkness of night soon covered the city of Paris. Leslie and Matthew were enjoying the brisk night air when they heard a noise. They looked at the gargoyles and saw cracks across the stone surfaces of four of them. Panicking because they thought the figures were crumbling, they stood frozen to their places as the stone flew into the night and there stood the statues but they were flesh and blood now. Leslie and Matthew could hardly believe their eyes. Esmeralda turned around and saw the two teens. "I think we have some company." She gestured at the two humans. The other three turned around and saw who Esmeralda was referring to. Nobody knew what to say.

Fortunately Brian spoke first. "Hi, I'm Brian. This is Michel, Mary, and Esmeralda."

"I'm Matthew and this is my friend Leslie." The six of them walked inside and Leslie offered to share their supper with their new friends. And that's just what they did.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Pierre and Barbara were preparing themselves for the short trip to France. Soon they glided into the air and headed for Paris.

At long last, they reached their destination. Pierre, once again, warned Barbara about how mean and savage these gargoyles were. This, of course, was not true at all. It was just one of Pierre's lies.

As Barbara and Pierre glided over an alley, a gleam caught Barbara's eye. "What's that?" she questioned aloud, gliding down to take a look. When she got there, she saw two laser guns, laying on the ground. Pierre landed beside her, saw the guns, looked at Barbara and exchanged evil smiles with her. They picked up the guns and walked the last few feet to the Notre Dame cathedral. They reached it and Pierre clawed his way up to one of the windows. When he got in, he looked around quickly.

No one was there. He went back to the window and motioned to Barbara that the coast was clear. Barbara climbed up and soon the two of them were hunting for the gargoyles.

They found them in the bell tower, watching over two teenaged humans. Pierre and Barbara quietly sneaked up behind them, knocked out Brian and Mary unconscious, while aiming the guns at Michel and Esmeralda.

The sound of the attack woke Matthew and Leslie up. They saw two gargoyles knocked out and the other two were being held a gunpoint by two strange gargoyles.

Since Pierre and Barbara had their backs turned to them, Leslie and Matthew lunged at the two villains. Just then, Brian and Mary woke up.

Pierre and Barbara threw off their attackers off their backs and glided toward the ground outside the cathedral. The others followed them.

As soon as they reached the outside, Pierre got his laser gun loaded and aimed at the six friends. Leslie ran toward Pierre and threw herself on top of him. Pierre was pinned to the ground and Barbara stood there in shock.

As Pierre struggled to get up, his claws landed on a pouch that contained two lab guns. One had darts with the gargoyle formula and the other had a human formula that Pierre managed to create from his cousin's spell.

Pierre pressed on his pouch, unaware that the trigger to the gargoyle formula was pulled back. A dart flew out of the pouch and hit Leslie in the stomach. Leslie took her hands off the ground, clutched her stomach and groaned in pain. Pierre then pushed Leslie off him, sending her flying toward her friends.

"Barbara, shoot them! Now!" Pierre called. Barbara stood there looking from Pierre to his enemies and back again.

"What are you waiting for? Fire," came the order again. Barbara took her gun off and threw it into a nearby trash can. She turned to Pierre.

"You lied to me. You said these gargoyles were mean and savage. But they're not. You're the one who's mean and savage," Barbara growled.

"Then you're not fit to be a gargoyle," Pierre replied. Standing up, he stalked over to Barbara, grabbed her by the neck and shot her with the human formula. The dart hit the exact same spot the gargoyle formula dart had hit her last night. Then he let her go, stepped away from her. Barbara quickly pulled the dart out of her skin.

Meanwhile, Leslie's formula took effect. Mary and Brian were at Leslie's side, ready to help her. Within minutes, Leslie had become a gargoyle.

When the six friends looked at Barbara, they saw that she was changed into a human. Pierre, realizing that he wouldn't win this night, glided back to England.

Esmeralda walked over to Barbara, asking if she was all right. Barbara said yes and told them that she was born as a human. After her story, they turned their attention to Leslie, who was standing there feeling a little awkward. Mary and Brian were trying to comfort her. Barbara decided to help too. After listening to them tell her their stories, Leslie knew that her future didn't look as dark as she thought.

Once inside the cathedral, Michel realized that the sun would soon rise. All of them went up to the bell tower. As the five gargoyles prepared to sleep, Leslie gave Barbara her sleeping bag and belongings that she didn't need. Then she asked Matthew to tell her family that she was moving to the United States. Leslie then followed the other four gargoyles and perched herself on a pedestal. Leslie watched the sun rise and before she knew it, she was asleep.

The End

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