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Welcome to Paris, France

Home of the French gargoyles

The airplane brings you to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. You think that it is fitting for gargoyles to live in a cathedral that is adorned with gargoyles. You enter the cathedral so you can begin your search. It is so quiet in the upper parts that you half expect Quasimodo to hop down from the rafters above. But nothing happens. As you enter the bell tower, you see a beautiful female gargoyle there. She smiles at you. "Bonjour! My name is Esmeralda. Originally I was born in Scotland, but came to Paris to live with other gargoyles. Choose one of the stories on the table to read an exciting adventure. Happy Reading!"

United for Freedom and Life

A Lifelong Decision

The Struggle To Survive

A Growing Friendship

Pierre's Last Attack

One Enemy, One Friend

A Change In Plans


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