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Arizona Clan Descriptions

Leader: He Who Melts with Shadows

male, adult, lean/slender build, classic type, dactlyl wing style (Brooklyn), plain tail (Goliath), slate gray skin, long flowing (Goliath) red-gold hair, two upward pointed horns (Brooklyn), expert hand to hand, armor of cloth padded breastplate.

Hatchling: Silver Moon

female, hatchling, stocky build (Hudson), canine animal (wolf), batlike wings, wolf tail, silver-gray fur


1. male, young adult, average build (Demona), classic type, fanlike wings, arrowhead tip tail, azure blue skin, long spiky (Demona) black hair, no features, expert martial arts/combat tricks, small knife weapon. Name: Arrowknife

2. female, adult, average build, aquatic mertype, batlike wings, fin tail, emerald green skin, long flowing silver white hair, two upward horns, performance skills (singing), gold trident with gems. Name: Sea Shimmer

3. male, young adult, slight build (Lex), classic type, split wings (Coldfire), branched tail, deep brown skin, bald, two downward curling horns (Coldfire), cunning/fast talk, no accessories. Name: Snake Tongue

4. female, adolescent, stocky build, deer type, feathered arm-style wings (Isis of Egyptian mythology), deer tail, black skin, braided/ponytail of dark red hair, craft skill (armory, leatherwork, etc.), platemail leg/arm armor. Name: White Tail

5. female, adolescent, lean/slender build, classic type, feathered wings, plain tail, rich orange skin, long spiky tan brown hair, beaked, artistic skill, gold armband/bracelet with gems. Name: Sunfire

6. female, adult, average build, classic type, batlike wings, arrowhead tip tail, light lavendar skin, braided/ponytail of bright yellow blonde hair, elbow/knee blades, magic/alchemy skills, spellbook. Name: Skydancer

7. female, young adult, slight build, classic type, dactyl wings, plain tail, dark yellow skin, long spiky auburn hair, two downward curling horns, craft skill, chainmail bracer (worn on one arm). Name: Scarlet

8. male, elder, average build, fox type, batlike wings, fox tail, rust red fur, bald, fox muzzle, swimming/fishing skills, dark green jade headpiece. Name: Swift Claws

Author notes: These descriptions were dervied from the Random Gargoyles Generator that I had discovered a long time ago when viewing old issues of the fanzine, Avalon Mists. I had printed it out and followed the instructions. I had decided to name the gargoyles Native American style. Yes, I know most of the names start with S but it seems a little late to change any now. Please accept them as they are.