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Gargoyles International Airport

Looking at the sign above you, you walk into the large, spacious building. You look at the information on your ticket. It doesn't not say what airline you're booked on, nor what gate to proceed to, it just says "Go to the Gargoyles International Airport," You wonder, 'What kind of airport would be named after a bunch of stone statues.' After wondering around you find a line of people. You stand at the end and wait. When you step up to the front, there is a figure in a long trenchcoat and wearing a hat. The figure says, "Choose your destination." Looking behind the figure you see a board of choices:

France clan
Germany clan
Spain clan
Russia clan
Norway clan
New York clan
Algeria clan
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

After picking your destination, you are instructed to put your luggage on the conveyer belt for examination. As you set your bags on the belt, you wonder why this person is wearing a trenchcoat. Ever so casually, you look down...and see a tail swishing just underneath the coat. This person was a gargoyle! This whole airport was run by gargoyles. That's why your ticket said, "Come after nightfall."

Enjoy the clans I have created. The New York clan is Goliath's clan, which belongs to Buena Vista. Please enjoy your flights!

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